What is Plús Hús?
Plús Hús is a 320 sq. ft. modern accessory dwelling unit (ADU) for your backyard. Sustainably manufactured in Los Angeles, CA., each Plús Hús is constructed with mnmMOD panels for a long lasting, energy efficient structure.
What cities is Plús Hús offered in?
We can currently permit and build your Plús Hús in Los Angeles, California. It is possible to buy a Plús Hús outside of Los Angeles, CA but you will have to find a contractor and coordinate the construction.
What cities is Plús Hús offered in?
Yes! We currently offer permitting services and sell Plús Hús in the state of California. If you are located within Los Angeles, CA we can help you with the site prep and assembly as well.
Plús Hús can be delivered anywhere in the U.S. and our architectural/construction services are offered in the greater Los Angeles area.
Does Plús Hús need foundation?
Yes. Plús Hús is permanent structure that must be assembled on a concrete foundation.
How do I know Plús Hús can fit in my backyard?
We always do site visits to help you with this but generally speaking, the footprint of Plús Hús is 16’X20’ and most codes require building it 5’ off the property line.
How long will it take to get my Plús Hús?
By the time the building permit is approved we will be ready to ship! (i.e. 3-4 weeks)
What are the insulation values?
Walls R22, Roof R44, & Floor R28
What are the shipping costs?
Plús Hús is made at our factory in Los Angeles and all shipping quotes are custom.
Do I need permits to build my Plús Hús?
Yes! Let us know if you need any help.
Can you modify the Plús Hús to be longer/wider?
Any modifications to Plús Hús would make it a custom build, in which case you can work with an architect to custom design and build with mnmMOD. For Plús Hús we have attempted to simplify construction and options to deliver the best value to our customers.
What is an Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU)?
An accessory dwelling unit (also known as a second dwelling unit, granny flat, etc.) is an additional house that can be built and rented on a single-family property.
How big is a Plús Hús?
Plús Hús is 320 square feet, with 16’ x 20’ floor space area. 
Can I choose a different floor plan?
Yes you can choose from our three different floor plans Open, Open+ and Full. For now we’re currently only offering the 320 square foot dwelling unit.
Do you offer a warranty?
Yes our mnmMOD building panels come with limited lifetime warranty. And the finishes come with the manufacturer's warranty.
Do you offer financing?
We do not offer financing at this time, however Plús Hús is treated like conventional construction by lenders and can be financed like a regular home.
More Questions? 
Email us at info@theplushus.com