Woosely Fire

The acrid smoke in air, the rolling news feed posts, and the vague orange patch lighting up in sky… it was not a typical workday for all of us here at Plús Hús. Our hearts went out to all the residents affected by the Woolsey fire and our feelings are especially strong because we understand the importance of a house, a home.

All of us felt the urge to do something, something more than reposting on social media websites and sending prayers. But what could we do?

Just as we were doomed, thinking that we had no way of helping, Plús Hús co-founder, Erla Dögg Ingjaldsdóttir, came up with the perfect idea. Here at Plús Hús, we had been preparing to open our showroom located in Santa Monica a few blocks from our office. While still at the final stages of furnishing, we realized it was a perfect shelter for people displaced by the fire. We quickly registered our showroom in the Airbnb Open Homes Program. Next, our showroom is on Airbnb rent-free and welcoming people in need of help.

The following few days have been miraculous.

Our first residents were two roommates evacuated from Pepperdine University. They found us on Airbnb after a horrifying morning seeing flames climbing up the mountains not far away from their school apartment. We quickly built a relationship with the students

Next, we welcomed a young couple from Point Dume, Malibu. Greeted with a hug, the local photographer showed us striking footage of the fire. Flames, ashes, blackened woods..seeing these first hand images made us feel more for the communities affected.

Times of crisis help people reflect: we,here at Plús Hús, felt the past week heightened that we have all taken the benefits of having a home for granted. More importantly, we are proud to discover yet another great potential for the tiny houses… more on that soon….